We’re celebrating Volunteers Week 2018!

We’re celebrating Volunteers Week 2018!

This week we are sharing stories about both Revival volunteers and customers.

First, meet Malcolm and Alan…

Revival customer Alan has been feeling isolated since he moved to Stoke on Trent from Nottingham. “If my volunteer Malcolm didn’t visit, I would barely leave the house” says Alan, “I enjoy meeting new people and making new friends, so it is great when Malcolm visits and drives us both to the local park or RVS centre.”

Volunteer Malcolm has been visiting Alan for two years. He decided to volunteer after retiring. “Volunteering is very rewarding” says Malcolm, “Helping other people makes me happy, if you are the same, I would certainly recommend volunteering!”

Next, we have customer Jean…

92 year old Jean has lived on her own for several years. She has supportive family close by, but with their own families and full time jobs she sometimes feels lonely in the week.

“I am very thankful to have my volunteer, I really enjoy having someone to talk to!” says Jean, “I look forward to her visiting every week, it’s great to have a bit of company and somebody to help with my bills.”

Finally, we have volunteer Karole…

Volunteer Karole visits several of our Revival customers. She often spends time chatting and helping with admin such as bills and letters.

Karole decided to volunteer to help reduce loneliness in her local area. “There is nothing better than being able to put a smile on somebodies face” adds Karole.

If you’re interested in becoming a volunteer click here: http://bit.ly/2F2DRcM



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