Staff storm around JCB Mud Run to raise almost £2,750 for Arch

Twenty six staff from across Staffordshire Housing Group, including Revival, stormed their way around the JCB Mud run to raise almost £2,750 for vulnerable people and victims of domestic violence.

Dressed as Star Wars stormtroopers, the team tackled more than 35 obstacles over a five mile course.

The money raised will go to Arch, who support more than 6000 people each year acrossStaffordshire, who are victims of domestic violence or at risk of becoming homeless. Led by ICT Manager, Darren Penny, dressed as Darth Vader, the troops fought through woods, rivers, cargo nets and lots of mud to reach the fin

ish line. It was the third year of taking part in the mudrun for five of the group and 17 who had no idea what to expect.

Adrian Foster, Customer Involvement Co-ordinator, organised the Staffordshire Housing Group entrants said: “The troopers went down a storm with many other runners commenting on the outfits and some even picking up discarded parts of the outfits for souvenirs.

“The outfits took around 3 months to make and were constructed out of white faux leather. It was a real team effort with those not doing the run helping with the stitching and cutting out.”

Nicola Lowry, Head of Business Development and Operations at Arch said: “Domestic abuse can seriously harm children – they can experience both short and long term cognitive, behavioural and emotional effects.  Every child should be able to lead a happy life free from fear and violence.

“The money raised will make a huge difference to children in North Staffordshire in helping them to recover from their experiences.”



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