Ongoing support for Sarah

Sarah is one of Revival’s intense support customers, which means she needs a bit more help and support.

She is disabled and uses crutches to get around outside the house. She is also a recovering alcoholic.

“I found I was struggling, and that led me to being an alcoholic. It was the easy option, to just get plastered and then I didn’t have to think about what was going on.”

Her drinking spiraled out of control until one day she had a seizure and set her flat alight. She was rushed to hospital and was in a coma for several days. “The first I heard about the fire was when I read the Sentinel, and I was in it.”


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Revival visited Sarah at her bedside in hospital although she admits that she can’t remember much of that time.

“I’ve been that drunk for that long, it all became a blur.”

The handyman visited her home to fit stair rails, which now help her get upstairs to her first floor flat.

Since moving back home, Revival have offered a range of ongoing support. She plans to undergo a home detox with the charity Lifeline, to keep her off alcohol for good. Her support worker, Helen, kept in contact with Lifeline to make sure Sarah was getting the support she needed and engaging with them.

Helen also went with her to a peer support group. Helen explained: “It’s scary going somewhere new on your own. The idea of going to the group is to provide additional support to her while waiting for her home detox.”

Sarah is positive about the future and, after her detox, she wants to become a volunteer to help others in her situation. She said: “If I can help just one person in my situation, then it’ll be worth it.”



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