Pauline and Doug’s story

Pauline and Doug came to Revival after an incident left Doug paralysed.

He had been away on a holiday with his friends to Benidorm and hadn’t been well while away.

Pauline says Doug started losing weight and slept downstairs a few nights because his coughing was keeping the household awake.

A few days later, Pauline recalls how he collapsed in the living room, “I called an ambulance. They took him to Macclesfield and did an MRI scan, where they found he had an abscess in his neck.

“They rushed him to the hospital in Salford, where there’s a specialist unit, but by that time it had compressed his spinal cord, cut off his blood supply and left him paralysed from the chest down.”

Pauline knew the house would not be suitable for Doug’s needs. She got in touch with Revival.

“Revival have helped Doug to live in this house comfortably and to make the most of his situation.”

Doug uses an electric wheelchair and the steep steps that led up to their home stopped Doug being able to leave the house.

Revival organised a lift to be fitted at the front of their home and a through-floor lift that takes Doug from the kitchen to his bedroom.

Doug’s room was quite dark with only a small window and he often felt like a prisoner. A balcony was created with the french doors letting in lots of light and fresh air into his room.

“I think the biggest thing that Revival is for me to see what further adaptions could be done to make the accommodation more comfortable for both myself and for Doug.”

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