Home from Hospital service helps record number of patients return home

A hospital discharge service is working at record levels and is saving the NHS almost £500,000 a year.

The Stoke-on-Trent based Revival Home from Hospital service took on a record 90 new clients in one month, visited 183 clients at the hospital bedside or at home during July and is responsible for 196 ongoing cases.

The service helps people to get home from hospital as quickly as possible by making sure their homes meet their health needs.

Lisa Bridgwood, Revival Caseworker said: “Every month people are forced to stay in hospital because their homes are not in a suitable condition for them to return to.

“This can be a great source of distress to the patients involved and means vital hospital beds cannot be freed up for new patients.”

Experts say it costs £200 a night to keep one person in hospital.

The Home from Hospital team work with Revival’s home improvement service to ensure patients are assessed and their homes are fit for needs.

Residents can often be found temporary accommodation by Staffordshire Housing Association while their homes are being repaired and made fit for their return.

Using the £200 a night figure for a hospital stay and making the modest calculation that the Hospital Discharge service cuts the average stay for its clients by one night, it can be shown that the service saved the NHS at least £39,200 in July. This equates to £470,400 a year.



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