Dementia and sequencing

In this third video, Gina Cooper looks at how hard is it for someone with dementia to perform everyday tasks and how to make the process easier with a few quick tips.

“Everyday tasks that we take for granted, such as making making a cup of tea, can be very difficult for someone with dementia”, Gina explains.

“First they have to realise they’re thirsty. Then they have find the kitchen, which could leave them searching round the house, forgetting what they were looking for and sitting back down before the whole process starts again.”

She tells of how, when they do find the kitchen, it could look very different to how they expect with lots of items they do not recognise. “They may see the kettle, fill it up and put it on the hob to boil. This is what happens with electric kettles and we see this in many cases with people with dementia.”

Finding a cup can also be a difficult task. Gina recommends putting photographs or pictures on the cupboard doors to show where common household items are, such as milk and mugs.

“That doesn’t mean we need to make the tea for someone with dementia”, Gina adds. “But it does mean we can support that person to make it easier.”

You can view the previous video about what it is like to live with the syndrome and how to help put people at ease here.




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